‘Teaching Drama’

Skip Mort has written the following ‘Toolkit’ feature articles for the ‘Teaching Drama magazine that is published by Rhinegold Publishing six times a year


‘Back to Square one!’ - autumn term 1,  2007/08

A method of managing the lighting system in the drama studio, preparing and organising the equipment and creating a basic lighting rig to produce a six area lighting plan suitable for drama lessons and small presentations.

‘Angles and direction of lighting’ - spring term 2,  2007/08

Looking at the source and direction of light, the different angles of lighting and how they affect the illumination of the face and body.  Positioning and selecting lanterns to produce front, side and back lighting and the ways of using lighting for drama and dance.

‘Creating a space for drama’ - autumn term 1,  2008/09

Looking at the ways of developing a space to use for drama by using the schools maintenance budget and the production of a development plan for the equipment required to make a case for an increase in capitation.

‘Focus on Sound’ - autumn term 2,  2008/09

An introduction to using a sound system providing an overview of the mixer, amplifiers and speakers, and the use of sound sources.  A specification and guide to the equipment required to set up a small sound system for the drama studio to create surround sound.

‘Focus on Health & Safety’ - summer term 2,  2008/09

How safe are you in the drama studio when using lighting?  A guide to reviewing electrical safety and access when using portable ladders and platform equipment.  Good working practice, looking at risk assessment and safety when working at heights and using lanterns.

‘Focus on lighting’ - autumn term,  2009/10

Looking at the ways of providing lighting within the drama space and the equipment required to set a portable lighting rig, also ways of planning the development of low cost or permanent lighting installations.

‘Enlightening! Lighting as a coursework option’ - autumn term,  2011/12

Setting up a lighting workshop for students to support lighting as a course work option.  Providing a portable lighting rig at floor level powered by 13 amp sockets, to explore the concepts and effects of light, angle, direction, colour and to carry out lighting exercises.

‘Plotting or programming’ - autumn term 20011/12

The changing face of lighting design – Skip Mort sits in on a technical rehearsal at the newly opened RSC theatre and observes the changes in the method of lighting design with the developments of using an automated lighting rig and the importance of the role programmer in the lighting design team.


Back copies of ‘Teaching Drama’ can be obtained from: www.teaching-drama.co.uk

Single copies of articles are available from: skipmort@stagelightingtraining.co.uk



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