A Quick Guide to ‘Give Me Some Light!!!'

Act 1:  ‘Need a Technician. . .’           

                A ‘starter level’ Lighting Workshop 

Understanding and using lanterns, dimmers & controls

Five types of lanterns

Rigging & adjusting, angling & focusing

Lanterns, using accessories

Good working practice, maintenance, health and safety

Understanding and managing the lighting system 


Act 2:  ‘Taking the Drama out of Lighting!’  

                Exploring the principles and practices of lighting


Angles of illumination: front, side & back Lighting

The art of using colour: the colour palette, using colour

Special Effects: Gobos, moving effects & fixtures, plastic gobos Haze, smoke & fog, pyrotechnics, strobes & UV effects

Lighting a scene: amps, volts & watts, setting & plotting the lighting


Act 3:  ‘So You’re Lighting the Production?’

                        An Introduction to Lighting Design


Creating a lighting palette for drama & dance, angling & focusing

Lighting the performance space:

Cross area & flat frontal lighting

Side, cross & back lighting, beam angles ‘Which lantern to use & where?

The lighting system:

Dimmers, power supplies & lighting control desks

Lighting Design:

The language of lighting, preparation & planning,

Setting & plotting the lighting


 Finale: ‘The Complete Works’  

                ‘All you need to know to be one step ahead!’


Supporting the programme of study & C.P.D.

Background study information


Photocopy free: 


Student Workbooks

Resources, Technical Information Sheets & Posters







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