An on-the-job reference tool – plus DVD video resources

Technicians don’t all read books – they seek information on a need-to-know basis.  That information is right here!  This is a practical guide covering equipment, special effects, lighting a performance space and lighting design.

The information in each subject focused chapter can be easily accessed at three levels; ‘A quick start’, ‘More info’ and ‘Extras!’ depending upon the users level of interest.  The accompanying ‘Fast forward’ DVD video resources demonstrate the practical use of equipment showing examples of lighting techniques and effects, and it provides an alternative to reading the text.

The Guide is packed full with illustrations, examples of equipment, diagrams, plans and features the work of current lighting designers including Rick Fisher’s ‘Billy Elliot’ and ‘Swan Lake’.



Part one: Lighting Technician

Lanterns, Dimmers & Control - Colour, Gobos & Effects

Part two: Lighting Designer

Lighting the performance space – Lighting the show

Part three: Lighting Resources

DVD clips, Technical info, Websites, Keynotes


The Guide is an essential resource for either students who are just starting out or technicians looking to go on to further professional training.




What they say!

“The Technicians’ Guide will certainly help all those working in this wonderfully emotive medium to achieve skilful and artistic results”  Rick Fisher, lighting designer


“I only wish that I had had this reference material when I was 16 and starting my training”  Kevin Stratton, production technician, ‘The Space’ Performing Arts Centre


“I was particularly impressed by the quality of the DVD production . . . it is well presented in both content and technical quality of the material”  ‘Sightline’ – Journal of Association of British Theatre Technicians




Order email: direct@macmillan.co.uk - Student discounts: minimum of 5 copies 20% quote code GLR6IP


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